Millbank High Viscounts Rally to Near-Victory
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Sunday, 23 September 2012 15:56


Quitting is always an option, but don't tell that to the 2012 Millbank High School Varsity Viscounts (0-4-0) because they might exercise that option. Fortunately, nobody told them this past Friday during the football game against the Clean Springs High Gold Diggers (1-3-0). The team was down 28-3, but made the Clean Springs crowd nervous in the second half. After a pep talk, the boys' rallied, ultimately losing by the close score of 45-31.


With the loss, the Viscounts extended their losing streak to 27 games. But this was the first time this season in which the team has rallied back to come within two touchdowns. It is the second time in 2012 that they have played a complete game. Last week, in Hill Valley, they were forced to forfeit after several players got lost in the locker rooms. They also forfeited the season opener after the quarterback and offensive line found spiders in their helmets.

"Feels like a win to me," said head coach Arn Tuttle after the game. "I was impressed with the tenacity and hydration we showed out there, especially in being able to play the whole game without incident."

Viscount Squat Offense

Following the game, the Viscounts were jubilant. The marching band stormed the field, ripped up grass and then chased the Gold Digger band into the parking lot. The Viscount players doused Coach Tuttle with a large sport drink jug filled with confetti. The jug had been filled with sport drink until an incident last season when two players were doused after an interception and contracted pneumonia. Citing safety concerns, the Parent Education Council demanded that the drink in all jugs be replaced with confetti, leading some parents to worry that the players may get dehydrated during games. However, dehydration was not an issue in this week's near-victory.

The Gold Diggers jumped out to an early lead with two touchdowns in the first two minutes. They scored on the opening kickoff after several Viscount special team members got into an argument about whether or not they were ready. After the second kickoff, the Viscounts marched to midfield on a series of rushes over the center before fumbling on an attempted triple-reverse play. The Gold Diggers then scored on a passing play.
Clean Spring's quarterback, Matty Millen, injured his hand in the post-touchdown celebration and made no more pass attempts in the game. This was the opening the Viscounts needed, however, they did not capitalize on it until the second quarter.

"I thought it was a trick," said Tuttle about Millen's injury. "Sort of like that Tortoise and Hare story." Not wanting to be outwitted, Tuttle slowed the Viscount offense down and refused to pass until the Gold Diggers did. The remainder of the first half moved slowly as the Gold Diggers and Viscounts traded off possession until Millbank's field goal with 7 minutes left. The Gold Diggers scored two rushing touchdowns, the second with 1:52 remaining.

Tuttle said he learned that Mllen's hand injury was genuine during halftime. He also learned that the Gold Diggers would be using a blind nine-year-old to play cornerback, courtesy of Clean Spring's Sick Kids Dream Too Foundation. He used that information to excite his players and ready them to play the second half. He reminded them to treat all players equally, no matter age or vision, and then devised a series of plays that would exploit the Gold Diggers' weaknesses.

"We have a foundation," said Tuttle. "This game gives us a lot of momentum going into the Homecoming game on September 28. I'm not going to say we'll win, because the (Chesterburgh Point) Americans are a tough team, but we're going to try and play all four quarters."

GAME NOTES: Millbank statisticians say that the Viscounts' 28 points in the second half is a school record. So are the 213 passing yards in the second half, and the zero passing yards allowed to the Gold Diggers. Also of note is that no Viscounts collapsed from dehydration and eight students rode the Booster Bus to Clean Springs for the game, with seven returning. The Millbank High School Viscounts' next game will be at home on September 28 agains the Chesterburgh Point Americans (3-0-0).

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