Police Step Up Enforcement as Summer Nears
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Millbank City Police have added enforcements and increased training as the end of the school year approaches and hundreds of children and teenagers will be unleashed on public facilities. Police Chief Vern Howard says the department plans to add four part-time officers and deputize several  teenagers "with exemplary records of citizenship".Millbank Public Pool

"Summer is by far our busiest time of year," said Chief Howard. "Besides our usual duties, we have many new obligations that would overstress our resources." Howard described the increased responsibilities of the police as including making sure teenagers do not drink beer under the bridge in the park, increased reports of shaving cream and toilet paper incidents, lifeguarding at the city pool, providing umpires for softball games and babysitting.

"And that doesn't even consider the water balloon fights, fishing contests and parades we are asked to attend."

Howard indicated that deputized honor students would be available for babysitting duties on a first-come basis after they complete first-aid and CPR training. While it is not necessary to pay the deputies, gratuities are accepted, and "a little something tasty in the icebox is nice." Howard added that deputies will be allowed to hand out parking citations and carry high-powered flashlights.

The department is accepting applications for part-time officer positions. Applicants must have a high-school degree or equivalent, a current driver license and have not been mentioned in Millbank Daily-Weekly Crimewatch by name. New hires must supply their own uniforms, which may be hand-sewn.

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