27th Annual Upholstery Trade Show Invades Millbank
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Written by Howard Dale Jr.   
Friday, 27 April 2012 20:49

MILLBANK – Upholstery professionals from throughout the region descended upon Millbank like a horde of swatch-bearing locusts, in order to attend the 27th Annual Upholstery Trade Show.  Furniture designers and merchants created a perfect storm of stroking, pinching and fingering in the fabric showroom of Mr. Sofa Guy’s Kingdom Warehouse Emporium


Mr. H.P. Bartlett, Sales and Marketing Manager for Mr. Sofa Guy’s Kingdom Warehouse Emporium, noted, “If you stuff anything or sit on anything, this event is relevant to you.  Not only do we have acres of fabrics on display, but we also offered workshops such as, ‘Firm or Fluffy: The Battle Rages On’ and ‘New Trends in Armrests’.


The keynote speaker this year was Mr. Sofa Guy, the King of Kushions himself.  He opened the session on Monday morning with a rousing ode to the upholsterer’s craft.  Maddy Konrad, a fabric designer from Clean Springs, admitted, “I definitely had tears in my eyes when Mr. Sofa Guy talked about his own difficult upbringing in a house that had no upholstery.  It made me realize how blessed my life really is.”


The trade show also included a Furniture Forum to offer advice for upcoming furniture professionals and the ever-popular Furniture Obstacle Course team-building exercise.


Says Bartlett, “Professionals in our industry leave the trade show re-charged and full of great ideas.  With an event like this, it is no wonder Millbank was voted “Most Upholstered Town” by the SACSAUTO (Sofa And Chair Stuffing and Upholstery Trade Organization) in 2007.”

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