Trivia Disputed, Police Called to Local Bar
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Millbank - Police responded to an emergency call at the Out of Bounds bar early Saturday morning when a disagreement among patrons spilled out into the parking lot. The call was placed at 1:15 a.m. by a concerned patron, despite Gabriel Jesus Ghandi, owner of the bar, urging people to let the customers settle the dispute themselves.

"They were arguing over the identity of the world's fattest twins," Ghandi said in the police report. "Things got pretty heated, and next thing you knew it had spilled outside.  I would have preferred they stay in here and settle it like adults, because they can't buy beer from out there."Out of Bounds Bar

According to eyewitnesses, the dispute originated between Orr Pastornicky and Leland Pines, but quickly spread. "Everybody has a strong opinion about this," said one person who asked not to be identified.

Responding officers Glen Carney and Vita Jonserud said that disputes are common at the Out of Bounds. "This place seems to attract the argumentative type," said Officer Carney. "I don't know if it's the two-for-one bloody marys or the homemade chili that gets people into trouble, but we are called here at least once a month."

The police arrived at the Out of Bounds when tensions were reaching a peak. Bar patrons had split into two groups and threatening to get into a physical altercation. According to Officer Jonserud, "One patron had threatened to go home and get his old boxing gloves, and several others had already gotten in their cars and made menacing burnouts."

"Luckily, we were able to defuse the situation before any violence occurred," said Officer Carney. Because of the frequency of similar incidents, Millbank police always travel with the Guinness Book of World Records. They were able to confirm that the world's fattest twins were the McGuire Twins, and not, as Mr. Pines insisted, Mr. Pastornicky's sisters. Mr. Pines apologized to Mr. Pastorniicky and everyone peacefully returned to the bar.

The Millbank police want to use this incident to remind Millbank citizens to not let arguments escalate into violence. Officer Jonserud said, "We are trained to deal with these situations and have a lot of great resources in the department. So if you don't know Hank Aaron's career batting average, or the world's oldest tree, call us before swinging your fists."

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