Refreshing Changes Planned for This Year’s Gala
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Written by Howard Dale Jr.   
Saturday, 20 February 2016 07:20

MILLBANK – At the annual gala, formerly known as Satin and Spurs, the local glitterati gather to celebrate and raise funds for the new memorial gazebo in Ottoman Park. The Millbank Boosters Club has run the annual gala since 1996 and has raised almost $700 in that time. “It turns out that galas are more expensive than we bargained for,” says Booster and event planner Emma Bartlett, 41. “The year we just ate Vienna sausages in the high school gym, that was pretty inexpensive, but then, nobody had a very good time.”

However, February 20, 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the annual gala, and Bartlett and the rest of the Millbank Boosters Club plan to mark the occasion with heightened glamour, while keeping the party on a reasonable budget. Bartlett thinks that she has hit upon the ideal solution – hiring local teenagers to plan the event. “Because who is more in touch with the cutting edge than our city’s youth? Don’t we always see them walking around with strange hair and technology?”

Bartlett hopes that a “top-notch gala” will inspire local residents to donate more toward the new memorial gazebo. “People will be having such a great time, the money will just flow out of their pockets like water or some other liquid. That is why it is important to try to do something really different and new.”

Mal Iturribide, 16, and Leslie Miller, 16, two sophomores at Millbank High School are advising Bartlett on everything from food to décor to music. “The last thing we want this party to be is stuffy and boring, so we wrote up a long list and gave it to Mal and Leslie to choose the items they liked. They crossed everything off, which meant that we had to go back to the drawing board. Obviously, ‘Adventure Around the World’ and chocolate fountains weren’t going to cut it.”

“So, then we asked Mal and Leslie if we could ‘shadow’ them at some of the parties they attended to get a feel of what an innovative, next-gen celebration felt like, but they said no. We thought we were at our wits’ end. But I discovered what so many parents of teenagers discover eventually; it’s much better just to hand over the wad of cash and let them have total freedom.”

“Oh, we’re going to throw a party with the money,” says Iturribide. “And it’s going to be a total blow out. Millbank has never seen a party like this one.”

“And it’s going to be even more amazing,” adds Miller, “because the old people can totally buy booze.”

When asked if the presence of said old people would take some of the fun away from the party, Miller only giggled in reply and refused further comment.

“These young ladies are like artistes,” Bartlett says. “If they say we need bungee cords and gelatin, then that is what we shall have. We are going to be uncompromising when it comes to how we rage. Chesterburgh Point is always bragging about their annual Fete des Fleurs and how classy it is, but this year, our gala is going to be the talk of the tri-city area.”

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