Neil Gruber Promises More Weirdness, Local Group Says "No Thanks"
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 20:23

Neil Gruber

The Millbank Chamber of Commerce and Sofas has issued an Amber Alert in the Tri-city area instructing citizens to avoid Neil Gruber’s (pictured left) World of the Weird, located on Main Avenue in the storefront formerly occupied by Things on Tape.

The MCoCaS decided to use the Amber Alert for an unorthodox purpose after finding a “startling and disgusting” flyer for Mr. Gruber’s World of the Weird on cars parked at the Super Grocery Mart. The Chamber, whose membership is not revealed, said their issue is not with the three-dollar coupon on every flyer, but with the threats it contained to “startle, mystify and scare the living daylights out of visitors.”

“We don’t care if he gives people five dollars off, we’d still warn people away,” said a spokesman for the MCoCaS who requested anonymity. “What he’s displaying are monstrosities, freaks of nature. He is going to warp young minds!”

Neil Gruber's Weird Potato

The Millbank Daily-Weekly asked the spokesman if a six-dollar discount would sway the MCoCaS. The spokesman said he would check on that, but had not replied by deadline.

Mr. Gruber, a Millbank native, has operated his World of the Weird amusement every October in Millbank for over a decade. In it, he presents a range of macabre, mysterious and unexplained objects that he claims to have collected in his every-day life. Past items have included such oddities as a three-nut peanut, carrots with two tips and a Peanut M&M with no nut. But Mr. Gruber promises, or threatens, to be even weirder this year.

Critics claim that the disturbing nature of World of the Weird is not in keeping with the town’s family values and distaste for showing off. They also say that by calling it a “world” rather than “fun house” he is exploiting a loophole in the City’s 2005 ban on “fun houses” after dozens of people complained that the First Church of God’s Halloween Fun House was “Not fun at all.” To this day, many residents are still disturbed by the sound of slide whistles.

Neil Gruber's Weird Peanut

Despite the Amber Alert, Mr. Gruber said this year’s World of the Weird will be the most terrifying yet. “Remember the three-nut peanut? Now forget about it. This year, I have a peanut that is 33% weirder. I won’t say how.

“Have you ever seen a weird potato? Well, how about 137 of them in one room? Or a cat with three legs? I don’t actually have that last one, but I printed a picture out from the Internet, and you can see it.”

The MCoCaS will appeal to the City council and police to shut down Neil Gruber’s “World of the Weird” and may sue Mr. Gruber over his slogan to "Keep Millbank Weird" claiming there is "no proof that the City was, is or ever will be weird." The MCoCaS will also issue its own flyers in the Super Grocery Mart’s parking lot to counter the three-dollar coupons for World of the Weird that residents will find on their windshields after parking there.

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