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Written by Helen Hamilton   
Friday, 22 May 2015 05:38

MILLBANK - When one thinks of the great cities of the world, one often thinks of their monuments and architecture. London has Big Ben, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and New York City has the Statue of Liberty. Millbank now joins the ranks of those great metropolises with its own sculpture - a giant butterscotch pudding.

“Public art is a community’s way of expressing itself,” explains Dora Thorstaad, a member of the Millbank Boosters Club. “And we wanted art that screamed ‘Millbank!’ I do believe that the sculpture we selected really screams. I mean, I hear it whenever I look at it. Don’t you hear it?”

The piece, called “Quivering Hope”, was selected by the Millbank Boosters Club after an arduous, month-long search. Most residents agree that the sculpture looks like a giant butterscotch pudding, although some are leaning more toward a custard. “Pudding is one of the things we are known for in this great town,” adds Jeffrey Lotsa, also a member of the Millbank Boosters Club. “People come from miles around to enjoy our delicious, fresh butterscotch pudding.” butterscotch statue

But not everyone is happy with the choice. H.P. Bartlett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mr. Sofa Guy Sofa Kingdom Warehouse Emporium, told the Millbank Daily-Weekly that his design, a sofa, was rejected by the committee. “Pudding is, at most, a hobby. What Mr. Sofa Guy’s Sofa Kingdom Warehouse Emporium represents is livelihood, sanctity of the home and free hot dogs for the kids on weekends.”

“It was just a sofa,” comments Dora Thorstaad. “Not even giant, or chrome, or anything.”

The sculptor of the winning piece, a Clean Springs artist named Hancock Welby, says that he spent two weeks following residents of Millbank around in order to gain inspiration for an artwork that would perfectly epitomize the community. “Being from Clean Springs, I always thought Millbankians…well, I won’t say what I thought. But I learned more about this town over the last two weeks than during the whole rest of my life. I learned that people from Millbank really dig pudding.” Welby did not care to comment on the number of concerned calls from residents about a “bohemian-looking stalker” this month.

Members of the Millbank Ornithological Society have expressed concern that the placement of the sculpture may interfere with the breeding of the waterfowl in the duck pond in Ottoman Park. Says Howard Dale Sr., local chapter president. “The ducks will take one look at that, and what are they supposed to feel? Hungry? Scared that the pudding will fall on them? Confused? They will not feel like a duck at ease, I can tell you that much.”

There is also a measure of concern over the possibility of vandalism, due to the high rate of hooliganism in Millbank. The Millbank Police Department will be sending extra patrols to guard the pudding.

The dedication of “Quivering Hope” will be held this Saturday at 10 am in Ottoman Park. There is no word yet whether there will be butterscotch pudding available for attendees.

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