Metal Detectorists Host Handstand and Cartwheel Festival
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 12:55

Handstand and Cartwheel FestivalThe Millbank Treasure Hounds will host the Eighth Annual Handstand and Cartwheel Festival in Ottoman Park on January 17. The event is open to all residents who want to perform either handstands or cartwheels.

The Millbank Treasure Hounds was formed in 1972 by a group of friends who enjoyed using their metal detectors. The club has since expanded to eight members who are often found scanning Ottoman Park and the Fun, But Dangerous, Vacant Lot for coins, buttons, old wires and discarded watches.

President Carl Quist was unclear on why a treasure club hosted the Handstand and Cartwheel Festival, but said it is an entertaining way for the Hounds to “give back to the community.”

The event will feature both competitive and non-competitive categories with the grand prize being a “Twelve-hour metal detecting adventure” for the individual who is able to handstand with the most weight in his or her pockets. Mr. Quist emphasized that weight would be measured before handstands and not after. Other prizes include a two-year-old iPod, several old nails and other metal objects.

“We want the citizens to have fun,” said Quist. “Believe me, just hosting this one day event pays us Hounds back in smiles for a full year. Everyone, young and old, should come out and see how many cartwheels and handstands they can do. With their pockets full.”

Milbank Treasure HoundsLaverne Carlsson was honored as the cartwheel champion last year and said she will be back this year. “I hope to defend my title and maybe even win back my car keys.”

Millbank Treasure Hound members have been busy for the past two weeks tilling and loosening soil in the northwest corner of Ottoman Park where the festival will be held. Members said they want to make sure the ground is very soft, solely for the comfort of participants.  The Hounds remind everyone that, for safety reasons, festival participants must immediately vacate the field after performing their handstands and cartwheels.

Refreshments will not be served.

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