Baby Pageant Canceled Due To Lack of Beauty
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Sunday, 11 May 2014 16:14

Ugly Babies Win No PrizesThe Millbank Council of the Arts and Pageants announced that the 2014 Baby Beauty Pageant, the theme of which was to be “Babies Overboard!, a Nautical Salute to Infants” has been canceled due to a lack of attractive babies. The pageant has been a Millbank tradition for 47 years and is the cornerstone of the city’s Memorial Day weekend festivities.

The decision to cancel the pageant was made Thursday, immediately after a second round of baby auditions was held by the Council. The open call for a second round was an unusual step in itself. In previous years, only a single round of auditions were required to select enough infants considered beautiful enough for the pageant. Last year’s show, themed “No One Left Behind: A POW-MIA Extravaganza” featured 23 babies selected from 24 auditions.

Earlier this week, and after the first round of auditions, the Council placed flyers in locations where parents of infants tend to congregate, such as the Lotsa Value Hardware, the Super Grocery Mart, the Koffee Klatsch and Ottoman Park that encouraged parents of “Attractive Infants Only Under Twelve Months ” to participate in a second audition. The flyers included detailed instructions on how to determine if a child was attractive.

“It’s not because we didn’t try.” Council chair Meg Bryson, told the Daily-Weekly. Ms. Bryson is in her first year as Chair and was selected by the City Council on a platform of eliminating graft and raising the quality of all town events. “We looked at a lot of babies, even invited some in from Chsterburgh Point. They all tried so hard, smelled nice and had soft, downy hair. They were so… they had great personalities. I’m sure their families think they’re beautiful. It’s just that we have to uphold a higher standard that only two babies reached. To be honest, one of them was borderline.”

Ms. Bryson stated that two children would be a “playdate” and not a production. She also suggested that the lack of attractive babies may be an unwelcome result of the increased focus on teen pregnancy education in the middle and high school. It said it is not too early for young moms to get a start on next year's pageant.

The City Council was informed of the Arts Council’s decision and asked to see pictures of the auditioning infants before finalizing the cancelation. After seeing them, the City agreed with the Arts Council and issued a formal statement that they agreed with the decision and, “Even babies can disappoint.”

The Council said it hopes to get at least a partial refund on the unused lifebuoys, tiny fishermen slickers and sailor caps.

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