Survey Deems Millbank "Not Horrible"
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Written by Helen Hamilton   
Thursday, 16 February 2012 20:07

MILLBANK - The annual “Town Quality Index” ratings have placed Millbank squarely in the middle of the pack.  Out of 15,000 mid-sized towns in the United States, Millbank scored 7501.  Some of the comments included, “I haven’t been mugged yet,” and “Every day in Millbank is like a listless parade of sleepy goats.”


The TQI ratings include the health of the town’s industries, schools, housing market, arts, and open space as well as measurements such as diversity, life expectancy, air quality and median income.  “We feel the TQI truly reflects what it is like to live in a certain town,” posited Trudi Genoa, communications officer for TQI Industries.  “For example, Chesterburgh Point scored a respectable 1,879 out of 15,000.  Many residents of that community cited the vibrant culture of downtown Chesterburgh Point, the superior schools and easy access to trails and parks.”  When asked about Millbank’s middle-of-the-road ranking, Ms. Genoa asked, “Where?”  When pressed, she shrugged and added, “You know, you win some, you lose some.”


Each year, TQI Industries mails thousands of ballots around the country, asking residents to score their town on a number of factors.  The TQI ratings can attract industries or tourism to a town, and a rating in the top 100 is considered to be a feather in the cap for a mid-sized or small town.  When asked about Millbank’s most recent TQI score, City Councilman Gary Shanks said, “Millbank isn’t a terrible place to live.  I don’t think anyone could argue with me much about that.”


Many residents had a similar reaction.  Margaret Cobblepease, 78, declared, “Well, if we had been asked about our sofas, we would have been number one, easy.  But no one ever asks about sofas.”  Jacob “Squeaky” Sczweja, owner of Squeaky’s Garage, noted, “We were the ones who voted on ourselves, so it’s our own damn fault.”  He then muttered something unintelligible.


Stu Zykstra preferred to see the lighter side, “At least we’re in the number one slot in the bottom half.  That’s almost like being tops, right?”  The last time the TQI was calculated, Millbank’s score was 7500.  Now in that slot is historic rival Clean Springs.   Mr. Zykstra said, “It would be just too sad to be in the bottom of the top half, so I actually pity Clean Springs.”

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