Annual Gala To Benefit Ottoman Park
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Thursday, 19 January 2012 20:46

For generations, Ottoman Park has been where Millbank families go for picnics, to fly kites or simply to watch the colorful characters of our town. It is no surprise that, after all this time, Ottoman Park could use some fixing up here and there. The Horace P. Mills Memorial Gazebo needs some structural repairs and a fresh coat of paint. Other parts of the park lack benches or picnic tables ever since the Furn-i-Festival bonfire last year. Finally, something needs to be done to get that family of unfriendly raccoons out from under the children’s monkey bars.

The Millbank Boosters Club seeks to raise money to improve the park’s amenities through their 17th Annual Satin and Spurs Gala on Saturday, February 18th. The event begins at 8:00 pm and goes until 11:00 pm. Guests will dress in their finest Western wear– shiny boots, tall hats and bolo ties- and head on down to Millbank High School to join the “herd”. Toe-tapping tunes will be performed by Stu and the Millbank Magic; if they don’t get you stomping and hollering in true cowboy fashion, then something’s wrong with them!

There will be a drawing at the end of the evening. The lucky winner will win the coveted Red Lightning Model F500 Snow Slicer snow shovel, donated by the fine folks at the Lotsa Value Hardware Store (corner of Chesterfield St. and 9th Ave, “If we don’t have it, you are wrong for asking for it”)

Tickets are $45 per couple and are available at multiple locations, including the First Millbank Church of God, the law offices of Dale, Dale and Pfeffernus and the Koffee Klatch. If someone plans to go “stag”, or doesn’t have someone to go with, just let Mrs. Squeaky know, and she will arrange things for you. Adolf from Adolf’s Irish Pub will be slinging the drinks, so you know we’ll all have a good time and help our city park at the same time.

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