Strict Rules Mean Big Fun for Youth This Summer
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Thursday, 13 June 2013 20:16

On Tuesday, the Millbank city council voted unanimously to implement police chief Vern Howard’s proposed “Fun Youth Rad” program.  The program is the city’s plan to keep youth out of trouble during the long summer months using a rewards-based system of fun activities and giveaways.

“The program is in direct response to the epidemic of hooliganism the city witnessed last year,” said Chief Howard. “The obvious reaction would be to fight the kids, but we have decided to take a gentler approach and engage them. Hooliganism is the result of boredom, so we want to keep the kids happy and busy this summer.”

Law changes that were made to ensure a safe and happy summer include a 7:00 p.m. curfew for all minors. Individual youths can increase their own curfews by fifteen minutes for every verifiable act of hooliganism they report to the police. For each verifiable act, a youth will receive a bright red armband. The bands will let others know the youth is allowed to stay out later, and tell that person’s friends to behave themselves while around him or her.Curfew Sign

A council member said, “We anticipate the arm bands being very popular. Kids will be jealous and I wouldn’t be surprised if kids compete to see who can earn the most.”

“A teenager with good knowledge could find himself staying outside until nine, maybe even ten at night. And he can do so with the joy of knowing he has put his friends behind bars.”

Teenagers are also being offered “Fun Youth Rad” T-shirts that come in vibrant neon colors that can be easily seen. Each T-shirt has a unique number printed on it in large characters.

Chief Howard explained, “Besides being cool and edgy, those numbers give us an excellent way to track youths and for people to easily identify and report acts of hooliganism.”

Another Fun Youth Rad reward for youths is a concert schedule for August and starring “The (Real) Police,” a tribute band made up of Millbank police officers who exclusively perform the music of 1980s rock icons the Police. The concert will be scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. in Ottoman park so that only adults and youth who have reported verifiable hooliganism will be able to see it.

“We’ll all sleep well if our biggest crowd ever is sees us perform ‘De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da,’” said Chief Howard.

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