Fearing Gang Violence, City Cancels Recycling Program
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Monday, 15 April 2013 16:50

The Millbank City Council voted unanimously on Thursday to cancel the city's proposed summer recycling program, “Kool Kidz Kanz.” The decision was made after a presentation by senior citizens from neighboring Chesterburgh Point.

The seniors said that Chesterburgh’s program has resulted in “a reign of reconstituted terror.” Overzealous youths have been retrieving cans, bottles and newspapers from trash cans as soon as residents finish with them, leaving good people unsettled and confused. Gangs have been reported sneaking into neighborhoods and taking recyclables that have been left by the curb, frequently leaving nothing behind. One speaker from Chesterburgh said through tears that she left a bag of aluminum cans at the curb for recycling one night, and before she woke someone had taken them.

Chief Vern Howard said he agreed with the Council’s decision. “The last thing we need is to disrupt the status quo. People get comfortable with who takes their waste. To change would be to court chaos and violence.”

"Kool Kidz Kanz" was developed by Goethe Smalls, president, secretary and treasurer of the Parents Education Council, a non-sanctioned parent-student group. Kanz was intended to be  "fun and environmentally friendly,” said Smalls. “I intentionally misspelled the words in the name to appeal to the youth; given the quality of our schools, that’s how they spell. I even had a very cute mascot designed and T-shirts with KKK written on them really big."Recyclo the Recycle Monster

The intention of Kool Kidz Kanz was for Millbank youth to learn about recycling through an innovative program. Each item a youth recycled would earn them one point. Kids would be encouraged to see who could get the most points. If the program proved successful, businesses would be asked to offer prizes in four or five years.

Millbank has never had a recycling program. Previous attempts to establish one have been thwarted by various groups. The Sons of Liberty protested an attempt in 2002, citing that recycled goods could be used to make weapons used by terrorists. In 2007, a proposal was rejected because the City council had to dedicate the entire year to keeping raccoons out of the Water River.

The City Council said they would revisit recycling during the 2014 agenda, but only consider proposals that ensure recyclables do not get into the wrong hands.


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 20:10

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