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Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:12

In response to overwhelming interest in the talent audition on January 28, Millbank has established a set of rules concerning the length, type and accessories required for each entry. The talent audition is in response to a notice from the Explore cable television channel that the city is one of 48 being considered for a new, national small city talent competition titled "Town Talent Tonight."

Rev. Bjorn Thorstadt, the Artistic Director, Production Director and lead actor of the Celebrity Playho(use), Millbank's longstanding community theater, has assumed all responsibility to organize and judge the auditions. He has postponed this weekend's all-male-cast version of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" to prepare. The purpose of the auditions will be to select the talents to represent the city and give it the best chance to be featured on "Town Talent Tonight."

"We want to put our best foot forward," Said Rev. Thorstadt at City Hall, where he met with Mayor Mr. Sofa Guy to discuss the rules and restrictions for performances. "This is a rare opportunity for the people of this city to see their brightest and most talented star--or stars, I suppose--shine. For some, this TV show is a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of stardom. It's the sort of thing some people spend their lives building to, toiling away on the small-town stage, hoping--praying even-to be noticed and to share their prodigious gift with the world."

"To that end," Rev. Thorstadt continued, "we must exclude certain types of, ahem, talent, and put restrictions on others. I wrote the rules in order to give the best chance to the city's most deserving person.

Among the rules for Monday night's auditions are the following:


  • No slide whistles - It is assumed that every candidate town will have a slide whistler and Millbank seeks to be unique.
  • No children or pets - Millbank will represent sophistication, not cute or cloying. Children means anyone under 45.
  • No pyrotechnics, smoke machines, strobe lights or dancing.
  • No musical instruments.
  • No singing.
  • Each auditioner must provider his or her own community-theater-grade or better costuming.
  • Preference will be given to performers who can act out scenes from the Celebrity Playho(use)'s current season's productions.
  • Each auditioner must perform as an individual. If a scene requires more than one person, the Celebrity Playho(use) staff will provide additional actors, who will then also be eligible.
  • No Jokes.

Rev. Thorstadt stated he was concerned that a large turnout could damage the seating at the Celebrity Playho(use), which is not accustomed to large crowds. For that reason, auditioning will be closed to all but the auditioners and the judge. He also said that he may audition himself, but only if people really want him to. He will be available all weekend if you would like to request that he does so.


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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 January 2013 21:16

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