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Saturday, 19 January 2013 08:38

Millbank's singers, jugglers, dancers, whistlers, comedians and thespians may finally get an opportunity to show the world what they are made of in the coming weeks. Television's popular Explore Channel, home of "Shark Attack Mondays," has announced the city is being considered for a new program titled "Town Talent Tonight." Chesterburgh Point was not selected as a finalist.

"In your face, Chesterburgh," said Mayor Mr. Sofa Guy, at a press conference to announce that Millbank was being considered, along with 47 other small cities in the country.

According to the letter, "Town Talent Tonight" will scour America's "lesser-known" cities, ones that have been bypassed by the interstates or forgotten by time, and discover and promote the hidden talents of their residents. The television program will produce talent shows in finalist cities, with winners being flown to Los Angeles to compete in front of real talent agents and managers. Ultimately, the greatest "Town Talent" in the country will be selected.Millbank's Talented Clog Dancers

Before being ready for its closeup, however, Millbank must move beyond the consideration stage to become a finalist for "Town Talent Tonight." According to the letter that the Mayor had an assistant read, the 48 cities under consideration will each select representative talent and submit a sample tape of performances. Television producers will review the tapes and select 16 finalist cities. The television program will then host lavish talent shows in each city. Production crews will film performances, artists' home lives, and the city itself for national television.

Mayor Mr. Sofa Guy said this was the opportunity the city hoped for when it developed the tourism and marketing plan for 2013 with the theme "Hope someone notices us." The Mayor encouraged every resident to participate, with the exception of any skateboarders and Juul Klaas, the 76-year-old resident of the Downhill Moderate Senior Living Facility and self-described political comedian who has often been at odds with City Hall. While Mr. Klaas's fifteen-minute routine about cronyism and hooliganism is popular at the Senior Facility, it has not been well-received by the city's elite.

In Millbank, the "Town Talent Tonight" announcement set off a flurry of activity as local artists emerged from the shadows to display their skills. One-hundred-three people signed up for last night's Koffee Klatsch "Open Mic", 99 more performers than average. The show continued until after five a.m. this morning. Talents ranged from a banjo player at 7 p.m. to Henry Wartburg closing the event with an avant-garde performance where he rolled onto the stage curled in the fetal position and dressed in green and cried out "Help, I'm a pea."

At Millbank's Celebrity Playho(use) Community Theater, Theatrical Director Rev. Bjorn Thorstadt has volunteered to spearhead the town's efforts. He will hold videotaped auditions at the theater on January 28.

Rev. Thorstadt said "It's just a shame that we need a television program to come before most residents realize what a wonderful treasury of characters we have here." He said his theater should be the focal point for auditions and performances, and that his keen eye for talent should be used to select Millbank's best. The Reverend also indicated that if enough people beg him he may even audition himself, since he has won the Playho(use)'s Best Actor award for eleven years straight. Although, he worried that he may overshadow other performances.

Residents are encouraged to check the City's bulletin board and the Millbank Daily-Weekly for additional details. Mayor Mr. Sofa Guy also reminded people, "This is a golden opportunity. Don't make jackasses out of yourselves."

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