Wilson Family Claims to Still Have Tomatoes
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Saturday, 15 December 2012 20:07

The Wilson Family on Eighth Avenue called a press conference this morning to announce that they still have tomatoes.

"Lots of tomatoes," Mr. Lloyd Wilson told the Millbank Daily-Weekly. "We had a bumper crop this year and still have three full, large burlap sacks in the mud room. It is definitely much more than our family can eat."Tomato Bag

The Wilson family called the press conference because the tomatoes are starting to spoil, leaving red stains on the floor. But they believe there are still plenty of good tomatoes among those that have gotten too soft or have molded. Mr. Wilson held up two large beefsteak varieties to illustrate how hearty the fruit are.

The Daily-Weekly asked the Wilson Family how people should get in touch if they would like some of the tomatoes.

"We are not giving these tomatoes away," said Mrs. Flora Wilson.

The Daily-Weekly asked what the cost of the tomatoes would be for people who would like to buy them.

"We will not sell them," said Mrs. Wilson. "We don't need their money."

The Daily-Weekly then asked why the Wilson's called the press conference.

Mr. Wilson answered, "Because we still have a lot of tomatoes. Three large burlap sacks full of them. We are great at growing tomatoes."

When requested to show the sacks, the Wilson Family asked the press to respect their privacy.

Readers are reminded that the Wilson Family has a history of publicity stunts, including previous press conferences in which they claimed garter snakes were living under their porch, their dogs could shake hands with each other and that hooligans were leaving rocks in their driveway.

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