TatTuesday Canceled After Holiday Disaster
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Saturday, 08 December 2012 08:10

The Millbank Police announced this week that the Out of Bounds Saloon's popular TatTuesday event will be canceled until further notice following this week's mishap. TatTuesday had occurred every Tuesday for the past four years and is believed to be responsible for more than half of the city's tattoos.

On "TatTuesdays", the Out of Bounds Saloon set up a chair and some rudimentary tattooing tools. Patrons were encouraged to try their hand at either being a tattoo artist or being tattooed. What had been a fun and harmless promotion--save for occasional infections--turned violent and bitter when it coincided with Christmas festivities and the Saloon's proprietary eggnog.

Saloon owner Gabriel Jesus Gandhi said he was sad to end TatTuesdays. "People loved it. It was like karaoke, but with needles and permanent ink. And it was part of the community's fabric because a lot of our teenagers with fake IDs got their first tattoos."

He continued, "You see its impact on this community every day. Like the lady who has the Brawny paper towel guy on her face, or all the people with something that sort of looks like a tear at the corner of their eyes. And where else can you freely express your opinion of Ford, Chevy or God forever on another person's arm?" Gandhi said that virtually every person with a tattoo of a coupon for savings on furniture is a direct result of Mr. Sofa Guy's frequent appearances in the artist's chair.

This past week, however, TatTuesday went beyond harmless fun when it coincided with the Saloon's Tire-Lighting Ceremony. The tire lighting, a Millbank tradition for 22 years, features used tires stacked into a tree shape, doused with gasoline and lit. The tire tree smolders throughout the holiday season. During the ceremony, Gandhi provides quart-sized mugs of his famous "Out of Bounds Eggnog" at half price.

"People love my eggnog because it's the traditional recipe: Nine parts Bacardi 151, two parts raw egg, and one part genuine nog from Estonia," boasted Gandhi. "The secret is the real nog, a psychoactive chemical that I have smuggled into the US inside people's rectums just for the holidays."

Police say that the combination of the Saloon's eggnog, the fumes of burning rubber and unsupervised tattoo utensils resulted in numerous offensive and undesired skin art, and three stabbings. One person reported his request for a dolphin and rainbow resulted in the letters F A R T scrawled down his arm. Another patron said someone tried to tattoo his eyeball. An out of town guest was hospitalized after having a tarantula imprinted on her chest. Police acknowledged the craftsmanship was superb, however, the woman believed it came to life and she gouged at it with a pickle fork.Out of Bounds Saloon

In addition, many tattoos that started out as season's greetings were modified as the evening progressed and the eggnog was drunk or otherwise ingested. Dog poop was placed under a Christmas tree. A baby Jesus was altered to show him smoking a giant marijuana cigarette and flipping off the viewer. Unspeakable acts were depicted among Santa, his reindeers and several elves.

Police intervened when a man arrived at the station with the tattoo needle still hanging from his arm saying he did not want a "My Little Pony" tattoo. After clarification, it was learned the man did want a "My Little Pony", just not the one he was given. However, the gangrene setting in gave police enough incentive to stop TatTuesday.

Gandhi said he is disappointed by the police decision, but plans to revive TatTuesday as soon as possible. He said, "Tattoos and booze just make sense together."

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