Parents Warned: Expect Disastrous Halloween
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Monday, 29 October 2012 19:27


Do not wear a costume!

Goethe Smalls, leader of the (not sanctioned) Parent Education Council is warning Millbank parents that this will be a disastrous and traumatic Halloween for everyone if her guidelines are not followed. Ms. Smalls, who is not a parent, says her PEC is an alternative for parents who believe the Millbank School District's Parent Teacher Association encourages hooliganism and bad posture.

The PEC, whose membership beyond Ms. Smalls is not clear, has hand-printed fliers and has been handing them out in downtown Millbank for the last week. Ms. Smalls has been seen putting them under windshield wipers, under business doors, forcing them into pedestrians' hands, and in one instance, attaching them to a squirrel with rubber bands.

The fliers have information on what the PEC believes is needed for a safe Halloween. The tips include:

  1. Instead of handing out candy, parents are encouraged to take one piece from each trick or treater to discourage them.
  2. Costumes should not cover the face or ears. Costumes should also not cover arms, legs or the body. Fancy shoes are okay.
  3. Do not go to the PTA Halloween "Spooktacular" Carnival because it is not fun. Plus, the game booths are a bad value.
  4. Have your children stay indoors after dark, if it is cloudy and in the hours preceding dark. If your children are going out in the morning, be sure they have reflective tape on their backs, fronts and faces. Then, only allow them to mill about quietly in your own yard.
  5. The PEC says not to carve a pumpkin, claiming that more than thirteen million children die each year while doing so. Some cut their fingers, many get their heads stuck inside and suffocate.
  6. The PEC says twelve million more children die bobbing for apples. The flier suggests replacing the water with flour or corn starch for a safe activity.
  7. Alert police if your children are invited to any Halloween activities that will take place in a public space and make sure the planners have all appropriate permits.
  8. Be careful when approaching the homes of PTA members. They may be death traps.
  9. Police are not to be trusted, plus you do not know if the officer you speak to is a real policeman or just someone in a costume.

The Millbank School District has made clear that the PEC is in no way affiliated with the PTA who does not condone or agree with Ms. Smalls. A spokesperson for the PTA also said that the assertion that board member homes are death traps was "false and defamatory" and based on "only one or two isolated incidents."

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