Millbank Witches Brew Up a Cauldron of Fun
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Written by Howard Dale Jr.   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 19:10

MILLBANK – Did you know that Millbank is home to a thriving coven of bewitching sorceresses?  A few days ago, the Millbank Sacred Circle of Light observed the autumnal equinox without magic wands, bubbling potions or any of those other accessories commonly associated with witches and wizards.

“The practice of Wicca is all about channeling the energies of the universe and being in tune with the natural world,” explains Lettie Roe, the leader of the local coven.  “Many people have a frightening image of witches from fairy tales or horror movies, but the reality is very different.” Ms. Roe, 30, explained that modern-day Wiccans observe their own seasonal rituals just as members of other faiths attend a church, mosque or synagogue to observe holidays.  She added rather curtly that these rituals do not involve naked moonlit frolics in Ottoman Park.


In the Millbank Sacred Circle of Light, members say that they practice only “white magic”, which seeks only to help others.  These Wiccans claim that they would never turn a man into a frog or raise someone from the dead.  “Wiccan rituals may vary from coven to coven,” observes Selena Fenword, 39, another member of the coven.  “We light candles and meditate on the balance between dark and light at this season.  We send our energies to those in spiritual need.


”When asked whether they ingested such items as “eye of newt” to accomplish their dark designs, Ms. Fenword merely replied, “Actually, this Hot Apple Pie drink looks tasty.”  The ritual itself was mysterious, designed to go unnoticed among the other goings-on at Adolf’s Irish Pub.  The women sat in a circle and chanted mysterious words that would allow them to change into giant carrion-eating birds and fly out of the bar to wreak havoc on the town.


“Those weren’t mysterious words,” said Ms. Fenword.  “We were only reading Adolph’s cocktail menu.  And we can’t fly or turn into birds or any of that stuff.  For heaven’s sake, I work as the property manager for local shopping center; I have to get up early in the morning.


”Even in this modern age, witches must fear persecution from those who do not understand their beliefs.  When asked to respond to allegations that the Millbank City Council plans to vote on burning all verified witches at the stake, Ms. Roe answered, “Where in Hecate’s name are you getting your information?”


"We know that Wicca is very mysterious to most people,” said Ms. Roe, “and we want to get rid of those stereotypes.”  After claiming that the Sacred Circle of Light did not sacrifice babies or rubbing strange herbs all over their bodies, she said, “If you want that sort of thing, you might check out the Out of Bounds.”



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