Pudding Shortage Results in Riot, Fire
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Friday, 24 August 2012 18:27

The Downhill Moderate Senior Living Facility ran out of butterscotch pudding early Friday during the Taste of Millbank Festival, resulting in a riot that damaged several festival booths and a fire that destroyed the Barf Bistro's space.

The seniors who volunteered to staff Downhill's booth suspected they were in for a rough day when at approximately 9:15 a.m., 45 minutes before the festival opened, lines had already begun forming. Downhill had exhausted local supplies of pudding mix and were unable to source additional supplies from neighboring Chesterburgh Point because their "Taste" festival begins next week.

Shortly after eleven a.m., the butterscotch pudding was gone. The seniors explained the situation to those waiting in line.

"Most took it well," said Tilda Berthen, a Downhill resident,  "but not the teenagers."

Youngsters, who police say have made this a difficult summer in Millbank, became outraged.Food Fight

"First they called us names," reported Berthen of the youths. "Then they started doing those awful skateboard tricks."

Irvin Hoyt was manning the vat of pudding, which he reports the teens attacked. "They grabbed the spatula from my hand and scraped the bowl. Some even brought their own spoons."

The teen antics only seemed to encourage others to become unruly. The senior citizens felt overwhelmed and called police for help. Police Chief Vern Howard said most police were already at the Taste of Millbank Festival and responded quickly. However, their actions only exacerbated the unruliness.

Chief Howard defended the officers' . "The crowd wanted pudding, so we told them that there was plenty of that weird tapioca stuff at the Barf Bistro booth."

The police announcement only further enraged the teenagers. A small group made loud retching noises, and soon waves of fake vomiting rose from the crowd. The teens overturned the tie-downs for the Downhill booth, causing the roof to collapse. One skateboarder crashed into the Koffee Klatsch stand and spilled more than three dozen cruellers. Adolf's Irish Pub reported teens made off with thirty pounds of peach salad.

While police tried to quell the crowd, another group of teens was able to get into the shed holding the fireworks for Friday night's festivities.

"Next thing you know," said Hoyt, "it was siss, boom, bah."

A group of teens aimed the fireworks at the Barf Bistro booth and ignited them. The booth caught fire in a rainbow of sparks and loud explosions. Witnesses report that Edward Barf escaped unscathed, but that hundreds of gallons of his artisaal, bone-marrow-based tapioca pudding splattered in every direction. Dozens reported feeling nauseated and were treated at the first aid booth after being hit with it.

"The porta-potties next to Barf's booth got torn up pretty bad, too" said Chief Howard, "but mostly people are talking about the pudding."

Police report that in the ensuing chaos, only one teenager was apprehended with at least a dozen others escaping. Police hope to utilize the Youth Cadets to identify potential suspects. Meanwhile, Festival volunteers have begun cleanup and plan to have the Taste of Millbank's Blue Ribbon Jelly Taste-off on Saturday as planned.

On a related note, Firday night's fireworks extravaganza has been cancelled.

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