School Spring Dance to be "A Family Affair"
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 19:07

The theme of Millbank High School’s Spring Dance will be “A Family Affair” after that idea received more votes than “Enchantment Under the Sea,” “Magic in the Air,” “Millbank is for Lovers” and “Enchanted Magic for Lovers Under the Millbank Sea.” This dance marks the first time that both students and parents were allowed to cast ballots. The decision to allow parents to vote was made by the dance sponsor, the Parent-Teacher Association, citing the need to have more say in their children’s activities.

Traditionally, the Millbank High Spring Dance has been a women-empowering rite where female students ask males to accompany them. This type of dance is commonly referred to as a “Sadie Hawkins” after the aggressive female character in the comic strip Li’l Abner (published in this newspaper’s classified section until 2011).

In keeping with this year’s theme, however, instead of girls asking boys, parents will ask children. There is no known comic strip precedent.

Parents interviewed by the Millbank Daily-Weekly appeared to be very happy with the PTA decision and hoped it became an annual tradition.

“This will be the most fun dance,” said Meryl Bergato. She said her son is a junior at Millbank High and she can’t wait to surprise him by asking him to the dance. She said she plans to do so by spelling out the question with bacon at breakfast.

Leo Purcival said he would use this opportunity to make up for all the dances he was too shy to ask girls to while he was a student in the 1990s.

“I’m still nervous,” he said, “even though I know my daughter will say yes. If she doesn’t, I’ll ground her. Now I can finally find out what the kids do in hotel rooms all night after the dance.”

Bertha Dowd said the idea would save her money as well, because she and another family would carpool in the minivan rather than rent a limousine for the kids.Father asks daughter to dance

Local merchants are also pleased with the theme of this year’s dance. Lotsa Value Hardware reports that because parents take the event seriously that it has sold more ball gowns this year than in the previous four years. The Koffee Klatsch is offering a special dance night menu featuring baked Pollock and boiled potatoes in hopes of keeping dance attendees from heading out to the Red Lobster by the interstate.  Similarly, the Super Grocery Mart has seen a 50% increase in corsage sales.

“Typically, teenagers don’t buy flowers,” said the Mart’s assistant manager Bert Feldman. “They either steal them or just pick them out of someone’s yard. Parents buy things just to set a good example.”

Millbank students do not appear to be as excited with the “Family Affair” theme as their parents. One threw a brick through the window at the PTA meeting.

“It’s bad enough not being asked by a classmate,” said Millbank junior Carl Nord. “Now I have to go home every night and wonder if my mom is going to ask me.”

“Gross!” said sophomore Leslie Miller when informed of the theme. “Gross! Gross! Gross!” She also made retching noises.

Students said that they plan to start an online petition to cancel the dance, but need the school to get Internet access first. It seems unlikely that such a petition will slow the groundswell of support among adults.

“It’s a great idea and I can’t wait for the dance,” said Greg Smalls, whose daughter will be graduating in May. “I just have to decide which student to ask.”


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