City Dangerously Low on Critical School Supplies
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Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:11

According to a recent report, local stores are running dangerously low on much-needed school supplies only days before the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. Among the items that are considered essential for the optimal learning experience are the "Trapper Keeper", a revolutionary system that not only provides storage for paper, but also internal folders to organize work by subject, and "Ruler Pens" that function both as writing utensils and measuring instruments.

Goethe Smalls, president, treasurer and secretary of the Parents Education Council (PEC), announced an emergency meeting for Sunday evening to discuss the situation.

"We are at risk of losing a generation of children," warned Smalls. "Do we want our children going through life always dropping their papers because they have no way to store them? And given the reports I have regarding Pen Rulers, I worry our elementary-school students will have no idea how big things are in inches, or in centimeters."

Smalls claims the shortage and potential crisis are the direct result of the Millbank School District and PTA caring more about rollerskating fundraisers than the students. She vowed to fight the District hierarchy and its "lapdog" PTA to ensure students have access to critical supplies, either through the Super Grocery Mart or Lotsa Value Hardware. She reports that she has direct contact with other school districts throughout the state, and while popular, both Trapper Keepers and Pen Rulers are available in a wide variety of attractive colors and themes.

"Our children will lose the race," she told the Millbank Daily-Weekly while she mimeographed new leaflets for distribution. "The kids in Chesterburgh Point are getting ahead because their papers are organized and they know how long their shoelaces are. This is because our PTA is more interested in how many slow skates to have than preparing our kids."

She added, "This could be the wedge issue that shows parents which parents' group really cares about kids."

The PEC was formed in 2010 by Smalls and two other parents after they separated from the Millbank PTA. The split occurred after Smalls accused the PTA of corruption and straying from its core missions. Smalls posted a manifest on the door of the Millbank Elementary that rejected many of the PTA's activities, focusing primarily on the frequency and extravagance of rollerskating fundraisers. She was fined by Millbank Police for littering. Since that event, she has been a constant presence outside PTA and city council meetings, passing out leaflets and demanding the dissolution of the PTA.

Despite Smalls efforts, her alternative PEC has not been sanctioned by any formal educational organization. Its other two members are related to Smalls. They meet weekly at the Koffee Klatsch.

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