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Saturday, 16 June 2012 06:13

Dear Sir or Madam,

As someone who has grown up in this fine town, I feel strongly that Millbank has a lot to offer its citizenry.  Millbank is well known for its friendly people, strong community, and most importantly, a thriving arts scene.

Your latest article about the Shakespeare on the Sofa festival, “Outdoor Theater Festival is a Good “Olde” Time”, is a travesty of arts reporting.  Not one word was written about the quality of the performances.  Indeed, the author Ms. Helen Hamilton, seemed obsessed with the reaction to the seating.

Of course, we all are very grateful to Mr. Sofa Guy for the sofas.  Sofas make Millbank “A Place to Live”.  However, Ms. Hamilton, could have at least noted who was on stage and what they were performing with such elan.

Millbank is growing and changing with the times.  We are a regional leader in arts and culture.  The least the Millbank Daily-Weekly can do is come up with arts coverage to match.


The Reverend Bjorn Thorstaad

Ed. – The least said about the performances, the better. H.H.

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