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Written by Othel Dowd   
Saturday, 06 December 2014 08:28

“You Get What You Pay For”

Dear Expert,

There are all these new grains on the supermarket shelves that claim to be good for you. How do I choose among freekeh, amaranth or quinoa? And how should I serve them to my family?

Signed, Against the Grain

Dear Grain,

I think you are making all of that stuff up – it sounds like jibberish to me. To be safe, stick with potatoes and maybe if you want to go wild, a few noodles on occasion.

Dear Expert,

What are scientists saying about string theory these days? Has the idea fallen out of favor?

Signed, Science Geek

Dear Geek,

Just as we do, scientists use string for any number of things, but it is true that more and more of them are switching to using more high-tech material such as rubber bands. I think there will always be a place for string in the scientific realm, though, if only to keep the lab cats entertained.

Dear Expert,

What will be the hot fashion accessory for 2015?

Signed, Fashionista Diva

Dear Diva,

Cool patterned socks. All you need are socks and a Sharpie to achieve the innovative effect found on all the latest runways.

Dear Expert,

How do I write a truly impressive essay for my college application?

Signed, Stumped Student

Dear Student,

College admissions offices have seen it all, and it can be very hard to impress them. They are overwhelmed by kids who have traveled to other countries, tried to make the world a better place, suffered through life-threatening diseases. Why try to compete with that? Be brutally frank and show them that honesty is the best policy. If you want to go to college to meet hot chicks/ guys, to get away from your pesky parents, or make a truckload of money in the banking industry, put that out there as bluntly and clearly as possible. It will be a breath of fresh air, I promise you.

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