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Thursday, 13 September 2012 20:18

Should this year be the end of “Taste of Millbank” ?


Dear Editor,


After last month’s fiasco, I would like to propose that we no longer try to offer a culinary festival in this town.  It’s obvious that Millbank cannot handle the heady combination of food, crowds and cultural ambition that such festivals bring.


This year, the festival featured riots over pudding and rascally youths.  What will it be next year, car bombs and salmonella outbreaks?  Perhaps a rabid pig will charge the people in line for pudding?





“Taste of Millbank” a Success!!


Dear Editor,


I read a lot of negative reports in The Millbank Daily-Weekly regarding last month’s “Taste of Millbank” festival, but I personally don’t know what all the fuss is about.  I had a marvelous time at the festival, and the food was delicious.  Well, I didn’t try anything but the butterscotch pudding, but that pudding was heavenly.



A Pudding Devotee


A Solution for “Taste of Millbank”


Dear Editor,


I think I have a solution that will make everyone happy.  Instead of trying to over-step our capabilities with the weeklong “Taste of Millbank”, we could devote a single afternoon in August to “Taste of Pudding”.  We could still have music in the park, and everyone could enjoy his pudding in the spirit of civic pride.


Oh, and we should arrange to incarcerate the youngsters that day.  Is there something we can put in the town charter?




Howard Dale, Sr.


A Recipe for “Pooding”


Dear Editor,


I have a recipe for pooding.  You take some mlik and some srup and stir the srup in the mlik.  Then you spray whup creem on it and get a big spoon.




Anthony Stewart, age 3

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