Barf Cafe to Change Name
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 17:39

Although the Barf Cafe opened only three weeks ago,  owners Edward Barf and Lana Mariposa-Barf have bowed to market pressure and will change its name.

"I was very proud of the name," Mr. Barf told the Millbank Daily-Weekly. "I think it told a story. The Barf, well, that's my name. The word cafe makes people think, 'hey, this place serves food. Made by Barf.'"

The restaurant, which is at the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, opened with great expectations and Mr. Barf's promise to bring the fine dining of much larger cities to Millbank. It is the city's first restaurant to offer bottled water and a "bottomless" bread basket at every table.Barf Bistro's deslicious goulash

However, he said the bread baskets have proven to be costly as many residents come in for a soda and sit for hours eating rolls. He  also discovered that people do not associate his selected name with quality food the way he believes they should.

"It pains me," said Mr. Barf. "I've cooked so many meals in this town that I thought they knew what to expect.'"

Mr. Barf said that teenagers passing by on skateboards have been particularly vocal. "They make retching and gagging noises and try to scare my customers. I have no idea why."

Business has not reached the levels the Barfs expected and are needed to keep the restaurant open. It was Lana who first suggested a name change. But before resigning himself to it, Mr. Barf tried to adjust the menu and business hours.

"I added a new signature dessert, tapioca pudding," he said, "and something for the Hungarian community on 12th Avenue, goulash." The restaurant also attempted to be Millbank's first and only late-night dining option with their Barf All Night promotion.

"The only people up late," Edward said," are cops wanting free stuff and teenagers making disgusting noises."

Lana described their decision process. "I told him the food was wonderful. The candles on the tables were classy, but people associated the name with something less than fine dining. I didn't care what he changed it to, just change it to something elegant."

"So I did," said Edward. "We're now Barf Bistro."

"Also," added Lana, "I am going by just my maiden name, Mariposa, now."

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