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Friday, 06 July 2012 06:13


Dougal Bank, also known as D.B., never imagined that he would be the proprietor of one of Millbank’s most popular businesses when he grew up.  “I thought I’d like to be one of those people who offer free samples at the supermarket, or maybe a circus clown.”  However, in his current role as owner/manager of Cut-Rate Liquors for the past nine years, he feels that he has found his calling.

“Not many people can witness that huge look of relief on a daily basis.  When I see one of my customers hugging that brown paper parcel close to his chest, I know that I have filled a need in that person’s life.”

And Mr. Bank knows what Millbank likes.  Cut-Rate Liquors offers over 4 brands of domestic beer as well as a popular wine from Canada called Ruddy Moose.  “My customers generally have ‘moderate’ tastes.  If I load up on expensive shirazes and microbrews, Old Tom Forrest will have to go without his favorite ‘health tonic’.  Or, Helen Hamilton won’t get her favorite Nagging Magpie Lager.  The bottles have crossword puzzles on their labels, and she just loves that!”

“What do I appreciate about Cut-Rate Liquor?  Their hooch is dirt cheap!” says satisfied customer Lorne Pfeffernus.  “It’s not all that good, but I can get a buzz without breaking the bank.”  Mr. Pfeffernus paused, then added, “Wouldn’t that make a great ad slogan?  I should tell D.B.”

Dougal Bank admits that he doesn’t understand much about marketing, but he couldn’t imagine a better job than running Cut-Rate Liquors.  “I am just glad to make so many of my neighbors happy!  And maybe a little wasted, too, but that’s all right.”  For July, Cut-Rate Liquors is offering a free Tri-City lottery ticket with every purchase.

Cut-Rate Liquors is located at Chaise St. and 10th Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – midnight.


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