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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 18:36

MILLBANK – When local residents are on the prowl for romance and companionship, they have a few options: the personal ads in the Millbank Daily-Weekly, the monthly singles fellowship at the First Millbank Church of God, or they can go to Millbank’s own Cupid, Mrs. Dowd.

Mrs. Dowd has been connecting area singles for over 60 years and is famous area-wide for her successful, if unconventional, methods.  “I had been divorced from my first husband for about eighteen months, when Mrs. Dowd said that my soul mate was a large oak tree on the corner of Divan and 8th streets. I thought she was crazy, but the tree and I have been very happy together. He is the strong silent type I was looking for, and I put mulch around his roots every fall,” says local lonely heart Lettie Roe, 39.

"If you are having a hard time finding that special someone, it’s usually because your field of vision is too narrow,” explains Mrs. Dowd, 85. “I had this same experience, and it’s what I base all of my work on. When I first met my husband Othel, I thought that he was a buffoon, a blowhard and had bad breath to boot. Well, once I introduced him to regular dental care, he was a whole lot easier to live with. And it was either him or my cousin Horace, the weasel breeder.”

She credits her partial deafness in her left ear as the key to her long and fruitful marriage. "And we just celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary!"

Generations of Millbank residents credit Mrs. Dowd with launching their journeys into couplehood “I had a terrible time with the dating scene, meeting losers at the Out of Bounds and then getting my heart stomped on like a flatty pancake,” says Janice Triplehard, 37. “Mrs. Dowd counseled me that I would find my destiny at the marina. In only three months, and a lot of fried fish baskets later, I met a salty old sea captain. He’s now been at sea for fifteen years, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s all about appreciating what you have…or don’t have, in my case.”

Mrs. Dowd’s methods include examining horoscopes, intensive interviews about likes and dislikes, and of course a solid understanding of small-town gossip. “I know who’s content, who’s available and who’s looking,” she says proudly. Her guiding motto is, “Lower your expectations,” which could be the motto of Millbank itself. Her other guiding motto is, “Well, at least you’re not dead,” which could also be the motto of Millbank.

Mrs. Dowd’s services are available upon request. You can find her at the Koffee Klatch on Tuesday mornings and at the First Millbank Church of God on Sundays. Bringing a small token of appreciation is always a good idea!

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