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Friday, 10 July 2015 18:53

Millbank Adventure Guides

MILLBANK – To most people, Millbank is a “place to live”, not a place to look a gruesome death full in the face and laugh with gusto. But Brock Madgley of Millbank Adventure Guides wants to spread the word about the thrills to be found in our town. “Just because it’s Millbank, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.”

“We offer a number of outdoor experiences, all geared toward the extreme sport enthusiast and led by expert guides,” explains Madgley, whose business has been open since 2013. “Our clients want to raft the Water River, rappel the Danger Cliffs south of town and bike the arduous Tri-City route, sometimes simultaneously. This summer, we also offer what we call our Urban Blight package, which will really get everyone’s adrenaline pumping. Nothing like a carjacking to make a memorable vacation.”

Millbank Adventure Guides assigns each tour group a highly trained guide, who acts as tour leader, cook, Sherpa and even interpreter in some cases. “Once you get to the south side of town, it is like a whole different country,” explains Madgley. “Getting along with the natives is key to getting access to some of Millbank’s wildest country. If you can’t communicate, you’re likely to get shot in the ass.”

Tourists come from neighboring communities of Chesterburgh Point and Clean Springs, as well as from overseas. “People often come to us after they’ve spent time in Colorado or Canada. They think they’ve seen it all,” says Madgley, “but they haven’t seen Millbank.”

In the year that Millbank Adventure Guides has been open, the company has experienced few mishaps. “There was the backpacking trip when everyone took a nap in a big sunny patch of poison ivy and there was the attack from an escaped ostrich in Ottoman Park, but for the most part, the danger is all inside the client. By that I mean giardia and tularemia.”

For those individuals who have not made summer vacation plans yet, Madgley will be one of at least five vendors at the Summer Vacation Desperation Fair on July 14th. “Just because you live in Millbank, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something awesome like rock climbing or driving a dune buggy with cobras. Millbank Adventure Guides is here to customize a true Millbank experience, preferably one that includes racing a freight train, wrestling with grizzlies and eating puffer fish. If your idea of a good time is to sit around at home and complain about life in Millbank, well, you don’t need me for that.”

Millbank Adventure Guides is located on 10th and Chaise in Millbank. Business hours are 10 am – 5 pm Monday-Thursday. Gear is available for rent or purchase, but you’ll have to provide your own courage.

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