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Sunday, 26 April 2015 19:14

Mills Motors Car Dealership

MILLBANK – “My family has been in this town for seven generations, so I am committed to serving as Millbank’s premier automobile provider,” says Kevin Mills, 38. “We were here before there was a single car in town, and my dad, George Mills, opened this dealership in 1970. Someday I will be passing it on to my kids, Dakota, Ranger and Sierra - it’s a true Millbank legacy.”

Kevin Mills cannot go more than 40 seconds without talking about his family’s illustrious history in Millbank. His ancestor, Horace P. Mills, is hailed as the founder of the town, and great-grandfather Augustus Mills started the Millbank Sons of Liberty during World War I. Descendants from ensuing generations have served as town mayor, president of the Millbank Boosters Club and even police chief.

“And every single Mills son has served as team captain for the Millbank Viscounts football team. Go Viscounts! I expect Ranger, who is as red-blooded and American as any Mills male, will do the same. You don’t want to buy cars from some shady guy who didn’t play football in school. If they didn’t play sports, they were probably dealing drugs or writing poetry or something.”

But what about the cars? “From my long history here, I know what folks here in Millbank want in an automobile and what they don’t want. All those bells and whistles like stereo systems and air conditioning, those are luxuries for the type of people who eat foreign food and wear glasses. Not for us! We just need something to get us to our destination, or at least most of the way there.” Some of the most popular models on the lot include the Ford Fordinary, the Buick Lackluster and the Chrysler Crapbucket.

“I can remember customers bringing cars back because they just didn’t feel comfortable with something as decadent as a glove compartment or upholstery on the seats.” Mills added that all automobiles on his lot were constructed in “the good ol’ U.S.A while the workers sang ‘God Bless America’, so customers don’t have to worry that their patriotism is at stake every time they get in their car. Isn’t that peace of mind worth a little more?“

Mills Motors is located at 12th and Davenport in Millbank. Business hours are 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Saturday. Members of the Millbank Sons of Liberty get a 2% discount on car purchases.

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