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Saturday, 20 September 2014 08:51

Popke and Sons, Detectorists and Supplies

MILLBANK – Pete Popke claims that underneath Millbank lies a vast and glorious treasure, left behind by the ancient inhabitants of the area. Then there’s all the stolen loot that the Disagreeable Gang left behind after their train robberies over 100 years ago. According to Popke, all it takes to strike it rich in this town is gumption, stick-to-it-ness and a brand new X560 Elite Scavenger metal detector.

“The best on the market, absolutely,” says Mr. Jonas. “It could find the eyebrow on a weasel, that is, if the eyebrow were made out of metal, which I admit would be pretty strange to find on a mustelid. This device, however, certainly is great at finding pennies.”

Mr. Popke, 61, has been an avid detectorist since the mid-70s. “I used to be really into CB radio, but I couldn’t get anyone to talk to me. Being a detector seemed like a more social activity, and even better, I figured I could make a living from all the treasure waiting to be found.” Although the name of the business is “Popke and Sons,” he also admitted that he doesn’t have any sons to train in the family business or even a wife. “Treasure-seeking has become my life. Each corroded penny or wood screw is like a tiny helpless child and it’s up to me to bring them out into the world.”

When asked if there was a thriving detectorist community in Millbank, Popke admitted that he hadn’t met any other treasure-seekers in town yet. “But I think that will change when folks realize all the amazing items waiting to be dug up. Some of his favorite finds include a salad fork and a cuff link that could have been from the historic Gazebo Debate. Popke said, “I can’t prove that’s it’s from Mayor Sofa Guy, but this could be my cash cow. Real historic treasure. I’ve contacted the Historical Society, but they must be really busy.”

However, while Mr. Popke is glad to give detecting demonstrations, he will not go so far as to reveal his favorite treasure-hunting spots. “That’s a trade secret. There’s being helpful to promote my business, and then there’s being stupid.”

Popke and Sons, Detectorists and Supplies is located at 1459 Chaise Street in Millbank. Hours are by appointment only, and customers are required to pass a brief exam with multiple choice, matching and essay questions before discussing their detectorist needs.

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