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Thursday, 08 March 2012 16:08

Vivian Szcweja, also known as Mrs. Squeaky, never thought of herself as an entrepreneur, but after forty years of marriage, she found that she wanted to follow in her husband Jacob’s tiny footsteps.  “Squeaky is reliable and hardworking, and people come back again and again to have him fix their cars.  I wanted to be like that, except with knickknacks and such like,” Mrs. Squeaky remarked.

Last autumn, Mrs. Squeaky, is a native of Millbank, opened Mrs. Squeaky’s Gift Hole in a cozy corner of Squeaky’s Garage.  She explains, “There just weren’t many places to buy nice gifts around here.  I mean, does your mother want a socket wrench from Lotsa Value on Mother’s Day?  A stuffed duck from Phil’s?”


Mrs. Squeaky’s Gift Hole offers a wide array of tiny cottages, figurines, snow globes, music boxes as well as local handmade gifts.  “You’d be surprised at who the crafty people are here in town,” she hints.  “But I’m not telling, of course.”


Mrs. Squeaky’s Gift Hole is open Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm

Located on the corner of 9th and Davenport


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