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Thursday, 13 March 2014 20:04

Duane's Togs for Men

MILLBANK – “The first thing I noticed when I moved to this town was the lack of fine togs,” remarks Duane Lane, owner and manager of Duane’s Togs for Men. “The male citizenry merely wandered the streets, togless. It really made Millbank look like a provincial backwater.”

Mr. Lane opened his shop seven years ago in the space vacated by the Dappery, a once-esteemed house of fashion that was long past its prime. “My father used to shop there,” recalls Margaret Cobblepease, 87. “He said the spats and the ascots they sold were far above anything available in Clean Springs.”

But fashion is fickle, and one has to work diligently to keep up these days. Mr. Lane says he is just the man to do it. “I go to all the Fashion Weeks: Milan, London, Paris, Chesterburgh Point, but even I realize that what walks on the runway is not necessarily a good fit for Millbank.” Thus the “Prince Charming” looks so big in the fashion hot spots have been reduced to something more like a country squire. “Lots of flannel shirts and Dickies, that stuff flies out the door.”

“My wife Alissa has a great eye, and when I’m not sure about a new line, like these Jet Cadet jeans, she often has the final say.” Mr. Lane said. “She also keeps the store blog and runs all the social media for the business.” One of the innovations Mrs. Lane came up with was the “Random Outfit Generator”, with which a man could click an icon on the website and be told exactly what to wear.

“Really, the only complaint we’ve ever had about that was the time that the generator kept telling everyone to wear caftans and orange slipper socks. There just weren’t enough of those in Millbank to go around, so we had guys wrapping themselves in sheets and whatever,” admits Mrs. Lane.

“Yeah, that day, we should have been called Duane’s Togas for Men,” laughs Mr. Lane.

Duane’s Togs for Men is located at 850 Davenport Street, just north of Squeaky’s Garage and the Out of Bounds. Hours are 10 am – 5 pm, but fashion never sleeps.

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