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Thursday, 02 January 2014 20:58

MILLBANK – How are you? Can’t complain? Planning to accomplish a lot in 2014? Well, you are deluded. According to Skye Howard, local life coach, residents of Millbank are leading “impoverished, grim lives of despair and suppressed fury.“

But she can help with that.

Ms. Howard explained, “A life coach is someone who can help the client approach her life in a whole new way, shedding old, unhealthy preoccupations in order to attain life goals. But it’s not just about losing weight or finding a better job, it’s bigger than that.”

“It’s about being ashamed of yourself.”

Ms. Howard’s clientele include such local celebrities as Lonny “Lungfish” Trachtenburg (former drummer with Gus and the Golden Haze) and supporter of the arts, Ms. Emma Bartlett, as well as many members of the Millbank Police Department. Ms. Howard is Police Chief Vern Howard’s niece.

Ms. Bartlett said, “Skye forced me really to examine where my life was headed and what it would take for me to attain my goals. Other people had nothing to say when I shared my dream of owning my own fitness center/art gallery, but Skye was the only one who made me feel ashamed of myself. And look where I am today.” Ms. Bartlett looked down at her feet. She was in the Lotsa Hardware parking lot.

“Shame is a great motivator,” agrees Ms. Howard, who attended Tri-City Community College but left in 1992, before receiving her A.A. in social work. “Those instructors had no shame to share with me. I left to learn from those who had more to offer, people so burdened by humiliation that they could barely lift their heads from the floor.”

Ms. Howard uses such techniques as browbeating, finger wagging and re-living old regrets. She added, “Embarrassing photos do wonders, too.” A spokesperson for the Millbank Police Department would not comment directly on Ms. Howard’s services, but did say that “We find many reasons to be ashamed of ourselves each day.”

“Reach for the Skye” Life Coach Services is available by appointment only. Call 555-1212 for more information, and grovel like a snake.

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