Millbank Metro Business of the Month - Eye Scream Optometrist and Ice Cream Parlour
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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 19:07

MILLBANK – Dr. Gordon V. Bashful has served the eye health needs of Millbank for over 30 years. Indeed, there’s even an eyeglass frame named after him, “The Bashful”, spotted on most of the young people around town. “It’s what he makes all the kids wear,” explains a bespectacled Caroline Lotsa, 17. “As soon as I graduate, I’m moving to Chesterburgh Point just so I can get rid of these coke bottles and get a date.”

But looking after the vision of patients young and old was not enough for Dr. Bashful. The optometrist jokes, “Besides a nice pair of specs, there’s nothing better than a cold, creamy scoop of butter pecan. Or as we call it, “Butter Peek-can”…get it?” Visitors to Eye Scream can also expect “Goggle Cluster Sundae” and “Shades Sherbet”, but the most popular scoop is “Retina Ripple”, which with its ribbon of raspberry in a vanilla base, really does look like a bloodshot eyeball.

At first, the ice cream was provided gratis to Dr. Bashful’s patients, but over time, high demand for the frozen confection forced Dr. Bashful to go into the ice cream parlour business for profit. “My dream was to create a place where you can get your pupils dilated at the same time you can fill that ice cream craving. It’s interesting, because since I changed the name to Eye Scream, I don’t get as many eye patients anymore.”

Eye Scream Optometrist and Ice Cream Parlour is on the corner of 12th and Main. Hours of operation are from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Saturday. Appointments for ice cream are not required, but are recommended.


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