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Friday, 17 May 2013 20:58

MILLBANK – To an outsider, Millbank might seem the very picture of a serene and picturesque small town.  However, this view does not mean that Millbank lacks a dangerous side, with lots of suspicious and seamy occurrences in its underbelly. Yes, Millbank has an underbelly.  We call it Davenport Street.

It takes a committed team of professionals to keep Millbank safe and as unmysterious as possible. Each time a windchime disappears from someone’s porch, Millbank slides further down the road to anarchy.

Millbank can be grateful that Emil and Logan Travers have operated their detective agency for the last nine years.  No mystery is too large or too small for them to solve.  “Last week, we helped Marie Fenword find a missing salt shaker,” comments Emil.  “It was part of a souvenir set from the Bahamas.  Luckily, it had just fallen behind the knickknack shelf.”

Logan recalled some of the more dangerous cases that they have taken on in recent memory.  “I’m not going to give any names away, but occasionally, one spouse gets a little suspicious of the other.  We ended up following Mandy Mills, er the suspect, all around town.  I was eating my lunch and driving and ended up smacking into a wall.”

“Cup O Noodles everywhere,” interjects Emil.

“In this business, you learn pretty quickly that people try to get away with everything.  Our job is to bring something, I’m not sure what you’d call it,” begins Logan.

“Peace of mind, to Millbank,” finishes Emil.

“And fallen salt shakers, too.  No, we’re not twins,” Logan interjects.

“Why does everyone always ask us that?” asks Emil.

Travers and Travers Detective Agency is on the corner of 8th and Main.  Hours of operation are noon – 5 pm, Monday – Thursday.


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