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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 18:28

Fit n' Trim Fitness Studio opened in Millbank in 1987 as part of the nationwide aerobics craze, but closed in 1988 when Millbank citizens tired of physical motion, sweat and hyperactive popular music.  The building remained vacant until just last October, when Emma Bartlett saw a golden opportunity.

"For the past few years, I taught the occasional classes in dirty pole dancing, hot 'n sexy rumba and Tantric yoga," Emma explains.  "These classes were wildly popular, even though the acoustics and facilities at the First Millbank Church of God leave something to be desired.  Millbank was really crying out for fitness opportunities, and what were people going to do?  Run laps around Ottoman Park?  Dust off the old treadmill in the guest bedroom?  That's just sad."

Ms. Bartlett decided it was time to transform the abandoned facility into a haven for Millbank hardbodies.  "This is not a gym," Ms. Bartlett emphasizes.  "Gyms are for sweaty, bulky people, and there is way too much grunting in them.  We call this a 'fitness studio', because this is where ladies can sculpt themselves into a more beautiful version of themselves.  It's like each person who comes in here for a "Writhe Like You Mean It" class is an artist, but instead of clay, they have their saddlebags, pan fannies and turkey wattles to mold."

Fit n' Trim offers several fitness classes a day, such as Stripper Aerobics, Steamy Cha-Cha and Porn Star Stretching.  There is also a sauna, massage room, coffee bar/ bistro, gift shop and a weight room.  "Oh, no one goes in there," remarks Ms. Bartlett about the weight room, "but no one wants to remove all the heavy equipment out of there."

Fit n' Trim is located at the corner of 12th and Chesterfield.  Hours of operation are from 7 am - 7 pm Monday - Saturday.

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