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Friday, 28 September 2012 15:15

Homecoming week for Millbank High School means excitement and romance are in the air. Students are giddy at the prospect of dancing the night away to the sounds of Stu and the Millbank Magic, just like their parents did. And this year's Homecoming has additional meaning because of its tribute to the people injured at last year's Homecoming. Last year's king and queen will greet this year's court and show how well they have healed.

Homecoming means even more to Millbank than a reminder of youth. It means value and savings at many of the city's finest shops. While some bargains are for the teenagers attending Saturday's dance, others offered in the city are open to all residents. Here is a summary of the specials in Millbank throughout Homecoming week.

Beautiful DressMr. Sofa Guy's Homecoming Magicland - Have your tuxedo or dress made from their durable textiles and get 7% off matching throw pillows or curtains.

Phil's Palace of Taxidermy - 30% off all stuffed corsages. "Add a little life to your lady's wrist with an elegantly stuffed mouse, monkey, chinchilla or hamster." Save an extra 10% if you provide the animal.

Koffee Klatsch - The Klatsch will once again be offering elegant pre-dance dining on the sidewalk overlooking City Hall. They will serve a $25 per student prix fixe meal featuring salisbury steak, boiled cabbage and bean salad. "Reminder to students: people under 18 are still expected to tip and behave themselves."

The Out of Bounds Saloon - 25% off your tab on all drinks purchased after the Homecoming dance. This offer only available to students in the Adult Education program. The Out of Bounds will have its jukebox plugged in for one night only.

Her Nibs Beauty Salon - 20% off Brazilian waxes.

His Nibs Barber Shop - Also offering 20% off Brazilian waxes for overflow customers.

Millbank Church of God - The Church will be hosting the dance and asks students to please not vomit in the vestibule.

Fire Station - The Fire Department reminds students that Homecoming can be dangerous. Students wearing dark clothing are asked to stop by to have reflective tape applied to their backs and arms.

Garth's Realm of the Dead - No specials. "You can't cut corners on high-quality taxidermy, but you can take 30% off if your work is shoddy."

Super Grocery Mart - Free quarts of buttermilk to the Homecoming Queen and her court.

Mrs. Squeaky's Gift Hole - Students may participate in a free pottery class right before the dance.

Lotsa Value Hardware - Free screwdrivers for students in their homecoming apparel.

Downhill Senior Moderate Living Facility - A free dance for all seniors and high school students, featuring Gus and his Golden Haze will take place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Slam dancing is prohibited this year.

Gary's Pet Emporium - Free goldfish will be placed in all Homecoming gift bags. And one guest will find a garter snake in his or her bag. Please stop by after the dance to buy food and shelter for your new pet.

Pastry Chalet - The Chalet will be open all night Saturday and offer 2-for-1 donuts to all students. Milk is full priced.

Adolf's Irish Pub - Adolf's will once again offer its very popular all-you-can-eat corn dogs and onion rings feast in the parking lot from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Celebrity Playho - The Playho offers a pre-dance production of "Mame" starring Rev. Bjorn Thorstadt. Student tickets are $8. Rev. Thorstadt will remain in costume at the Church for the entirety of the dance.

Millbank Library - Students will receive amnesty for all overdue books turned in on Saturday. Reminder: Students only!

Millbank Daily Weekly - The newspaper will be using its photographic equipment to take pictures of all Homecoming couples. Students will receive free copies of their photos on a novelty newspaper with the headline "Hooligans Invade Downtown".

The Parents Education Council (a non-sanctioned group) -The PEC is offering students a "safe" and "fun" alternative to Homecoming in the basement of Goethe Smalls home. The PEC will be showing "Red Asphalt" and "Highways of Agony" and serving raw vegetables.

Enjoy Homecoming 2012, Millbank residents. And please, use more caution than last year!

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