Annual Shakespeare Festival Brings Culture, Sofas to Outdoor Venue
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Friday, 09 June 2017 07:31

MILLBANK – This weekend, you can experience the best culture that Millbank has to offer…on the sofa! The 13th Annual Shakespeare on the Sofa Festival began last night in Ottoman Park with a thrilling performance of “Love’s Labors Lost in Granny’s Big Bouffant”. This year, the festival’s primary sponsor is His Nibs Barber Shop and Salon, which provided dozens of hairpieces, made of real human hair, for the characters’ costumes. Roving barbers will also provide free haircuts to unsuspecting audience members throughout the performances.

This year’s lineup also includes, “Macbeth’s Bed Head”, “A Winter’s Tale of Split Ends and Dry Scalp”, “King Henry V Growing out his Perm” and “The Merry Wives of Windsor with Burgundy Highlights”. Director and actor Bjorn Thorstaad notes, “One of my favorite Shakespeare works is “King Henry V”, because it is truly a story of an individual overcoming exceptional odds. When Galen Nibs Jr. agreed to sponsor the festival, we put our heads together and did a little update, because we all know how challenging it can be when you are growing out your perm.”

The Shakespeare on the Sofa festival began when Mr. Sofa Guy’s Sofa Kingdom Warehouse Emporium donated some factory seconds to provide seating in Ottoman Park. As parkgoers relaxed on the furniture, local actors rehearsing in the park noticed that they had a potential audience. Thorstaad recalls, “You know, when you’re on the stage and people in the audience can see that you can see them, they almost can’t leave without seeming really rude. They just have to sit and wait until the performance is over.”

Performances begin at 6 pm and run to approximately 9 pm. Haircuts take approximately 15 minutes, but it is advised that you stay perfectly still since Old Cutty’s hands aren’t as steady as they once were. Food and drink are allowed, but please try not to spill things on the upholstery. The Celebrity Playho Players also request that all "boom boxes", fireworks, exotic pets, water balloons and slide whistles be left at home.

Complete schedule for the festival is posted on the Millbank Calendar. Attendance is free, just come. Please!


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