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Written by Howard Dale Jr.   
Saturday, 16 July 2016 10:27

Breck Bainbridge: Lifeguard, Author, Designer, Future Barbecue Sauce Guy

MILLBANK – Breck Bainbridge, 24, didn’t set out to be a celebrity when he joined the lifeguard team at the Water River Aquatic Complex eight years ago. “I needed a job, and I didn’t want to flip burgers,” he said. Back then, Bainbridge was just another scrawny teen yelling at the little kids not to run or hang on the shower pulls. “What can I say, little kids are annoying,” says Bainbridge.

These days, Bainbridge finds himself surrounded by fawning swimmers, young and old, male and female, all wanting acknowledgement, a flash of his famous smile, a high five, or even a little mouth to mouth. However, Bainbridge urges restraint from local swimmers. “Please, kids, don’t pretend you are drowning. You might end up face to face with the giant bellows.”

Bainbridge plans to make the most of the spotlight this summer. Says Bainbridge, “I’m not going to look this good forever.” The burly, bronzed Millbankian will not only enter the publishing world with his much-anticipated memoir, but will launch his own clothing line over the next few months.

In “I Am Lifeguard,” Bainbridge writes about his uneventful youth and even more uneventful young adulthood patrolling the Water River Aquatic Complex. “There was the time that the swim diaper got clogged in the intake, or the time that the mama duck brought all her babies to the pool.” He also fills a fair amount of pages detailing his daily regimen of running, stretching, weightlifting, smoothie drinking and hair conditioning.

“It doesn’t matter if the text is amateurish and callow, the book has lots of pictures,” says a local reader, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Bainbridge’s clothing line, “Ripped”, is designed for the young active male who chooses shirtlessness as a lifestyle brand and features a series of swim trunks, flip flops and beach visors. “The perfect outfits for the guy on the go like me. Only losers wear ties. Do you have five bucks I can borrow for lunch?”

“No shirt, no service is no sense in my book”, says Bainbridge.

Breck’s likes are hair gel, pizza and me time. His dislikes are negative people and pressure. His plans for the future are “to be a barbecue sauce guy.” When asked if he has a secret recipe he wants to share with the world, he shakes his blond hair from his caerulean eyes and says, “I mean, like the guy on the bottle.”

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