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Friday, 21 August 2015 17:32

Going Back to School Edition

This month, we interview Millbank children to get their opinions about going back to school.

On What’s Great About School

“What’s great about school is how easy it is to get other kids’ lunch money. You just knock ‘em down and suddenly you’re $1.50 richer.” Jason Scwecja, 8

“I got all new notebooks for 3rd grade and a new pencil box. The right pencil box can make you queen of the school, and I think this year will be my year.” Fawn Fletcher, 9

On What’s Not So Great About School

“The bad kids knock you down and take your money and make fun of your pencil box. It’s a post-apocalyptic dystopia, but with little cartons of milk.” Will Highsmith, 7

“Who are these so-called teachers and why do they think they can push us around?” Annika Thorstaad, 9

On School Clothes

“It’s really stressful to show up to school in an outfit and see another kindergartner wearing the same thing. People don’t forget that sort of embarrassing detail about you; I’m pretty sure someone will bring that up when I am President of the United States.” Pilar Alvarado, 5

“My mom thinks Millbank Elementary should require uniforms. I think my mom is a fascist pig.” Charlie Shanks, 9

On Teachers

“I saw my teacher in the supermarket. She was buying food, just like she was a normal person. It was weird.” Hannah Bowland, 6

“Teachers are supposed to be in charge of us, but I think I would listen more if like, Batman or Robocop was telling us what to do. They just command more respect.” Tom Forrest, 10

On Grades

“Good grades are my ticket out of this dump.” Gretel Bowland, 10

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