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Written by Howard Dale Jr.   
Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:15

Friday, August 14 – Opening Day

5:00 pm Dedication and Welcome by the Millbank Boosters Club

Saturday, August 15 – Salute to Local Agriculture (sponsored by Super Grocery Mart)

9:00 am Farmer’s market in Ottoman Park

11:00 am Tractor pull on Stage 3

4:00 pm Pudding eating contest on Stage 1 CANCELLED – We all love pudding. Which Millbank resident can eat the most?

Sunday, August 16 – Faith and Family Day (sponsored by Lotsa Value Hardware)

9:00 am Interfaith worship service on Stage 1 (led by First Millbank Church of God)

11:00 am Handicraft demonstration on Stage 2 – Margaret Cobblepease will show the magic that you can create when using leftover food containers from Taste of Millbank. You will come away with items that you never thought you’d need.

2:00 pm Pet contest on Stage 3 – Pets are family, too! And so they should be judged.

Monday, August 17 – Honor Veterans Day (sponsored by Adolf’s Irish Pub)

9:00 am Flag ceremony on Stage 1

10:00 am Battle re-enactment in Ottoman Park CANCELLED – Millbank was never the site of a war, so everyone just pick your favorite battle from history and do that one.

7:00 pm Concert – First Millbank Church of God choir on Stage 1 – The choir will perform all of our patriotic favorites, with some hymns sprinkled in their for fun.

Tuesday, August 18 – Fitness Day (sponsored by Fitness Fanatics)

7:00 am Fun Run CANCELLED

10:00 am The Joy of Weightlifting CANCELLED Local strongman Brian Bulk will show us all his favorite exercises and muscle groups.

2:00 pm Pickleball demonstration (sponsored by the Millbank Pickleball Expert League) - NOW EXTENDED FROM 9 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday, August 19 – Kids Fun Day (sponsored by Phil’s Palace of Taxidermy)

9:00 am Kids’ Favorite Foods Pageant on Stage 2 (sponsored by Parent Education Council)

11:00 am Clowns! Location: Everywhere

12:00 pm JUST ADDED - Sign ups for Lil' Dillers, our new youth pickle ball league, at City Hall - MANDATORY

3:00 pm Taxidermy workshop on Stage 1 – Learn how to stuff all of your favorite animals so you can enjoy them forever.

4:00 pm Kids’ Pie Eating Contest on Stage 1 – Pies provided by the Koffee Klatch

Thursday, August 20 – We Love our Seniors Day (sponsored by Downhill Moderate Senior Living)

9:00 am Classic car show in Ottoman Park

5:00 pm Miss Senior Millbank contest on Stage 2

7:00 pm Stu and his Millbank Magic concert on Stage 3

Friday, August 21 – Music Showcase Day (sponsored by Mills' Motors)

4:00 pm Gus and his Golden Haze on Stage 2

7:00 pm Stu and his Millbank Magic on Stage 1

9:00 pm Boogie Buddies/ Dangerous Flannel on Stage 3 - Please note: these are not two different bands. Please bear with the band as they perform all of their material.


Saturday, August 22 - Grand Finale (sponsored by Mr. Sofa Guy’s Sofa Kingdom Warehouse Emporium)

9:00 am Parade

5:00 pm The packaging of the leftovers


Food Booths

Grunk NutsTM – Grab a hot, oily bag of Grunk Nuts! Perfect for dipping!

Koffee Klatch – Sample delicious local favorites such as the Fatty Boombalatty burger, apple pie and stew!

Downhill Moderate Senior Living Facility Butterscotch Pudding

Out of Bounds – Our “spacedrivers” are a tasty and intoxicating blend of Old Mariner vodka and Tang.

Gorgeous Gourmets – Eat kale salad. It will make you immortal.

Smelly Derry’s Artisan Cheese Shop – We offer a variety of cheeses you can’t find anywhere else, including our famous Muskrat Mozzarella and Chevreeta (a goat milk version of Velveeta)

Farmer Silas’ Sanctimonious Produce Stand – Come taste the height of the harvest season and feel good about yourself. Or at least pretend you did and lord it over your friends eating pudding.

Parent’s Education Council bake sale


Demonstration Exhibits Tent (sponsored by Mr. Sofa Guy’s Sofa Kingdom Warehouse Emporium)

Crazy Blender Tricks


Makeovers by Bess

Mr. Sofa Guy’s Newest Upholstery Selections

Water River Timeshare Company



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