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Written by Madame Celestina   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 07:57

A friendly note to a female member of the Millbank Book Club, name starting with a K: next month will be full of conflict in the group. Your black aura and catty comments about next month's book will cause tensions to arise among the other ladies who, to be honest, just want to relax and drink a little cheap wine.

Warning, older Capricorn male, often at the Koffee Klatch: The blueberry pie will not be a good choice next week; blueberries are not in season. Try the strawberry-rhubarb. The alignment of your chakras depends upon it.

A concerned message to mother of three, Cancer, name starting with a M: A spirit from the Aetherial Realm is trying to reach you. Your youngest child will get a penny stuck up her nose on a day starting with a S. If not addressed in a timely manner, it may impact her future as a United States Senator in 2042.

Attention, sixteen year old, male, brown hair: The fire daemon of the seventh legion warns you that under your bed is not such a good hiding place for contraband items, especially if you don’t make your own bed. Fire daemons know from experience and know that keeping their rooms clean deflects a certain measure of prying.

Advice for a man associated with some sort of manufacturing concern, Sagittarius: The voices from the other side of Alpha Centauri have warned that your consideration of certain indignities of age may lead you to make a disastrous decision in the realm of cosmetic improvements. These voices urge you to walk the sacred path of getting enough rest and exercise, eating a healthy diet and accepting that none of us is getting any younger.

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