Acclaimed Author Brings Robot Love to Millbank
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Written by Emma Bartlett   
Saturday, 22 February 2014 08:42

MILLBANK – Are you sick of romance yet? Do you celebrate “Half Price Candy Day” more than Valentine’s Day? Well, then, don’t read any further, you wet blanket. Love is coming to Millbank, and that makes some of our residents very glad.

This Sunday, Millbank Public Library will be hosting local literary favorite Beverly Lorraine during its monthly Book Club meeting. Ms. Lorraine, author of such titillating tomes as “Love 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, “Love Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Love”, has just written a new book, “Cyber-Seduction”.

“This is a totally new direction for my work,” comments Ms. Lorraine. “As a writer, I was always interested in the romantic aspects of history and adventure, such as Captain Nemo’s infinite love for the giant squid. But I realized last year that the future could be just as interesting. In our increasingly automated world, how do humans experience romance?” She calls “Cyber-Seduction”, a book where “science-fiction and romance genres fondle each other lovingly”.

“Cyber-Seduction” is the story of Lisa, a modern young woman juggling work, school and personal relationships. Her bakery business is merely mediocre until she dives into the world of social networking. Her delicious cupcake recipes attract the attention of a mystery man, 5*C77Xh100. 5*C77Xh100 turns out to be the proto-type for a series of woman-pleasing robots, and Lisa experiences true romance for the first time.”

At the event, Ms. Lorraine will be available to sign copies of her books, talk with fans and answer questions. “Everyone is so excited that she’s coming,” admits librarian Hattie Roe. “We had to get all the fainting couches out of storage and stock up on smelling salts.” Ms. Roe opines that romance is popular right now, as people yearn to escape from their bleak, workaday lives. “Some people have claimed that Ms. Lorraine’s books are ‘derivative’ and ‘merely inserting romance novel tropes into existing works’, but she seems to get readers’ pulses pounding.”

“That hunky 5*C77Xh100 is the perfect lover,” gushes Wilhelmina Garrett, a “humongous fan” of Ms. Lorraine’s work. “After all, he’s designed to be the ideal companion for a woman. When I read that part of the book where he massages her feet the entire time he plays the full fourth season of “Downton Abbey” for her on his face screen, I gasped so hard, I dropped my pint of ice cream and sent all my cats running from the room! Plus, when Lisa needs to focus on her work or go out with her friends, she can just turn him off and stick him in a closet.”

Ms. Lorraine is considering what her next literary work might be. “There’s something about a small town that really illustrates human nature at its best and worst. Perhaps my visit to Millbank will yield a book’s worth of material?”

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